Open Season Sportsman's Expo-Kansas Recap

We loaded up and headed to Overland Park Kansas for the Open Season Sportsman’s Expo ( ) this past weekend (March 12-14).  It was the first year for the Expo to take place in Kansas.  The venue was good and the event was well organized.  Other than a couple entitled vendors not understanding the meaning of a line, the set up and take down was easy.  I think Chris explained the definition of a line, and that you should be patient, very well.  I’d imagine they’ll behave better at their next show! 

As for the event itself, we were happy to see that some folks came to the event to specifically see Deception Scents.  That’s always awesome to hear!  A bunch of people had the opportunity to see firsthand the effectiveness of the scent elimination products.  A highlight added to our booth was Parrish Elliott’s mouth call building equipment.  Parrish was there to accommodate special requests for our top quality turkey calls.  Another highlight was the help from Diana and Kerbie all weekend.  We'll be sure to have more Snickers on hand next show to keep Kerbie coming back! 

While at the show we had time to meet with our friends at Kansas Veterans Outdoors to enjoy many pounds of smoked chicken wings (shout out to Papa C’s) and plan our sponsorship of an upcoming Disabled Veteran hunt.  We’ll be back in Kansas for this next month to help Jay and his crew with the hunt and provide custom turkey calls for the hunters.  Kansas Veterans Outdoors is an awesome group of people for sure.  In two weeks we’ll be in Wisconsin Dells for another show where we’ll debut the Wisconsin Special…a three pack of mouth calls…the Buck Brew Pack!  Be More than Unseen!

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