Veterans hunts in Kansas this week

As many of you know there are many Veterans out there that would, and do, love to hunt. As an outdoor group, Deception partnered up with Kansas Veterans Outdoors to do a week of hunts for Veterans and their kids. Huge plug for Kansas Veterans Outdoors...truly a great bunch of folks!  We started on April 10th and will have our last set of hunters on April 16th. We are taking 2 hunters a day out turkey hunting. The first 2 days were for disabled Vets and the 3rd day was for 2 lucky kids of Vets. We will finish the week with nondisabled Vets. We start by taking them out in the morning and if they do not get a turkey we offer to take them out again the same afternoon for another chance at a bird. The time spent with these Vets is amazing and very important. So many times people forget, or take for granted, what these amazing people have done for us all. They have sacrificed their time with family and friends, and some sacrifice their lives. We are proud and so very thankful for everything. We know that words will never be enough and even these hunts do not make up for all our Vets have done.  We are hoping to let a few Vets know that we are so very thankful by offering these hunts.

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