About Us

Resourcefulness is a required trait when servicing the oil field. A group of team members, all hunting enthusiasts, began experimenting with a proprietary product that has been our workhorse for years. Through some product tweaks a conclusion was drawn. We had an amazing ability to eliminate odors from trucks, dog beds, hunting gear, laundry, and laundry machines.

Using our resources, we began focusing on the human scent and approached friends with tracking blood hounds to continue testing.

Deception Scents was born when we proved to ourselves that we could eliminate the human scent. Tough times historically have forced innovation in many industries. The pandemic and recent oil crash inspired us to develop a product line that is second to none in scent elimination. 

Science, history, and desire brings you Deception Scents. The products work and they are proudly made in the USA. Be more than unseen!